Security Fast Track

From: 80,00

Booking must be made atleast 24 hours in advance.


<3 passengers & 3 luggage
Air conditioned
Free child car seats


4 to 7 passengers & 3 luggage
Air conditioned
Free child car seats


8-17 passengers & 3 luggage
Air conditioned
Free child car seats



There are two different types of fast track that you can find at an airport, Security Fast Track and Passport Fast Track. 

Security Fast Track is when you get to use a different queue for security than regular travellers meaning that if it’s busy,  you may be able to speed up the security process.

Similarly, Passport Fast Track allows you to skip the queue at Passport Control.

How to Use Security Fast Track

You’ll need to check in for your flight like a regular Joe. Then, as you approach airport security, keep an eye out for the designated Fast Track lane – it should be clearly marked, but don’t be afraid to ask airport staff for directions.

Once you’re in the fast track queue, have proof of your booking at hand as it’s likely you’ll be asked for it. If you’ve booked it or get it for free through your airline, it may be linked or marked on your boarding pass.

Although you can use this express service to get through the line quicker, once you have reached the ​​screening point, you’ll still need to follow the airport’s security procedures, like the bag and body scan so make sure you’re still adhering to all the rules.

How to Use Passport Fast Track

This service allows passengers to bypass the standard queues at passport control in airport arrivals. Just like the Security Fast Track, there will be a designated line for passengers who use this service.

However Fast Track for passport control is less common in airports, and sometimes only available in specific terminals. It’s generally not available to purchase on the day at the airport, so it’s worth checking beforehand.



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